Trailer Camper Plans

Here are some interesting trailers and campers for the home builder.

Image Description File
1936 Teardrop: Here's a bigger than usual teardrop designed way back in 1936 that looks like a fun project. It has windows too. 4 Pgs
700 kB
Trailer for Two: Here's a traditional teardrop published in 1953 that would be a fine build today. 6 Pgs
820 kB
Honeymooner Teardrop: This is a 1939 Honeymooner teardrop. I'm betting not too many people these days will get by with a teardrop trailer on a road trip for their honeymoon. 6 Pgs
890 kB
Wild Goose Camper Trailer: Here's a 1953 teardrop whose rear door opens up to a sort of pop-up configuration that would make an excellent weekender. 6 Pgs
890 kB