Homebuilt Scooter Plans

Here's the Scooters and Go-carts page. I suspect you'll have lots of fun with these.

Image Description File
Fat Tire Scooter: Just the thing for off road use. This is similar to a mini-bike but much larger. 5 Pgs
525 kB
Pocket Mini Bike: A great little mini-bike that you can toss in the trunk of your car when headed out exploring. Might just be a blast. 4 Pgs
1.3 MB
Homebuilt Scooter: A homebuilt scooter that they say only cost $75 to make back when it was designed. Maybe more today but it looks like a lot of fun. 7 Pgs
763 kB
Mini Bike: Here's the old fashioned mini-bike that were common when I was young. It's great fun to get started off-road. 8 Pgs
550 kB
Super Scooter: This is kind of odd but it looks like a very insteresting build. 12 Pgs
3.4 MB
Bicycle Frame Minibike: Interesting way to make a frame for a small powered mini-bike. 6 Pgs
1.1 MB
Go Cart Plans: Here's a nice set of go-cart plans. This one was registered for the road, but I don't think that is likely still legal anywhere. It would be fine for private roads though. 11 Pgs
1.2 MB