Homebuilt Automobile Plans

There are a few full sized 3 and 4-wheelers that are most likely not street legal. Others are mostly children's powered vehicles. For scooters and go-carts seek the other page, entitled, "Scooters and Go-carts."

Image Description File
6 Wheel ATV: Way back in the `1960s these used to be the thing to get around offroad. They've since disappeared but you can still build one for your own use. The 6 wheelers can navigate nearly any offroad situations. 10 Pgs
2.6 MB
Golf Cart: 3 Wheel electric golf cart, of the type you used to find on courses back in the 1950s and 60s, before the more modern versions came out. 11 Pgs
2.6 MB
Mountain Kart: Here's an interesting kart that would be lots of fun for the mountains, or for the beach. Hunters and fishermen could really put this to work. 11 Pgs
2.6 MB
Desert Scout 3-Wheeler: Interesting offroad 3 wheel go cart intended for rough terrain, like in the desert. 5 Pgs
1.5 MB
Sidewalk Car: Lots of fun for the kids with this sidewalk car. 5 Pgs
1.3 MB
Scale Touring Sidewalk Car: Very nice looking sidewalk car for kids. 5 Pgs
3 MB
Sidewalk Buggy: Ultra simple sidewalk buggy, electric powered. 12 Pgs
1.3 MB
1901 Packard: Half size Packard sidewalk car. 8 Pgs
1 MB