Plans for Stirling Engines

These are plans for Stirling Engine of all sorts of configurations, some practical for putting to work, others, just tabletop demonstrators.

Image Description File
Candle Engine: This interesting small sized flame eater operates off of a candle flame makes for a fascinating concept and strong running model. 5 Pgs
3.9 MB
Coolegem Engine: A horizontal Stirling design and plans in metric dimensions designed by a person named Coolegem. It's in German, I believe. 14 Pgs
1.1 MB
Fire Eater: Another small, flame powered engine (fire eater) recently designed for educational use. It's dimensioned in inches and very well detailed. 10 Pgs
1.0 MB
Hirata Stirling Engine: Koichi Hirata is a prolific Japanese stirling engine designer and builder. Here is one of his designs for a very efficiient engine. This one is well detailed in millimeters. 22 Pgs
168 kB
Hirata Easy Engine: Another of Hirata-san's designs. This one easy to build. Like his others, it's well detailed in millimeters. 17 Pgs
122 kB
Hot Air Engine: Here's a large, old fashioned hot air engine reproduced from an old book. It's is intendes as a stationary engine for doing useful work. 9 Pgs
237 kB
Jonkman Stirling Engine: This is a beautiful modern design intended as a tabletop demonstrator in brass. It is operated by a tea-light candle. 8 Pgs
637 kB
Larsen Coffee Cup: The Larsen Coffee Cup is a very easily built stirling engine designed to operate using the heat of a cup of coffee. No machining required. 4 Pgs
430 kB
Popular Science Hot Air Engine: A free blueprint of a Stirling Engine from a 1961 edition of Popular Science. 6 Pgs
621 kB
Ross Sterling Engines: This 68 page book by Andy Ross discusses all the details about the theory and practice of building Stirling Engines, from tiny nodels, to propulsion engines for some fairly large boats. 6 Pgs
621 kB
Solar Stirling Engine: Here's an interesting one. A parabolic collector focuses solar energy on the hot end of a stirling engine. 6 Pgs
621 kB