Steam Engine Plans

These are plans for pulse engines of all sorts of configurations, mostly appropriate for models, but some are larger, like the unit that powered the V-1 Buzz Bombs with 1200 lb cargos from Germany to England in WWII.

Image Description File
Aerojet: A Russian designed pulse jet in metric dimensioning. 1 Pg
52 kB
Alpha Jet: A German designed pulse jet with metric dimensioning. 1 Pg
376 kB
Atom Jet: An easy to build Danish pulse jet design with metric dimensioning. 2 Pgs
287 kB
B12 Pulse Jet: A larger pulse jet in metric dimensioning. 1 Pg
245 kB
Brauner Pulse Jet: A Brauner designed pulse jet in metric dimensioning from 1983. 1 Pg
245 kB
Brenot Pulse Jet: A well documented pulse jet design with accompanying instructions written in French. Metric dimensions. 4 Pgs
800 kB
Chinese Valveless Pulse Jet: This very simple design has no moving parts, designed in China with metric dimensioning. It puts out 12 lbs of thrust. 2 Pgs
287 kB
Model Craft Pulse Jet: This design integrates the pulse jet into a simple jet model airplane. In Imperial (inches) dimensions. 2 Pgs
604 kB
DeLaird Valveless Pulse Jet: The basic Chinese Valveless design sketched up in Imperial dimensions instead of the original metric by Jim DeLaird in 1993. 4 Pgs
133 kB
Didgeridoo Pulse Jet: A standard reed valve pulse jet designed down under - Metric dimensions with English (well kind of) instructions. 7 Pgs
1.4 MB
Focused Wave Valveless Pulse Jet: This advanced design is very simple to build. It's small, about 2 1/4 lbs of thrust. 2 Pgs
455 kB
German V-1 Buzz Bomb Pulse Jet: Here's the plans to the infamous German V-1 Buzz Bomb engine that Hitler sent carrying 1000 lb of high explosive across the Channel to terrorize England in WWII. I've seen one of these engines and they're huge - about 12 feet long. 23 Pgs
907 kB
LH Valveless Pulse Jet: This is the folded LH valveless pulsejet design in metric dimensioning. These are real demons when used with propane and very simple to make and run. 1 Pg
47 kB
Luhman Pulse Jet: This is a German design published in an old magazine. 7 Pgs
1.9 MB
Maupin Pulse Jet: A simple reed valve model engine designed by Maupin. 1 Pg
317 kB
Ogorelic's Valveless Pulse Jet: A great 35 page treatise on how to build valveless pulse jets for model or full scale use. 35 Pgs
618 kB
Pulso 1 Pulse Jet: Another variation the pretty standard reed valve model pulse jet engine. 1 Pg
313 kB
Pulso 3 Pulse Jet: As above but a larger pulse jet engine. 1 Pg
508 kB
Tempest Pulse Jet: Yet another standard valve type pulse jet engine. 1 Pg
354 kB
Thermojet Valveless Pulse Jet: Another simple valveless pulse jet engine. 1 Pg
354 kB
Tiger Pulse Jet: The Tiger 1-1/2 lb thrust model out of Japan but dimensioned in inches. 2 Pgs
372 kB
Model Ram Jet: A small ram jet design designed for model airplane use. 2 Pgs
679 kB