Plans for Turbine Jet Engines

These are plans for turbine engines of all sorts of configurations, mostly appropriate for models.

Image Description File
JT-66 Microturbine: A German designed model jet engine. The plans are in Metric. 10 Pgs
256 kB
U22 Turbojet: An older, but still effective turbojet for model airplanes. Simple to make from the well detailed plans. 7 Pgs
791 kB
Wren MW54 Turbojet: The British designed Wrens are a boon for modelers. They use compressor wheels from automotive turbochargers for lower cost and more efficiency. 82 Pgs
12.3 MB
Wren MW54 Turboprop: The Wren Turbo Prop engine uses the same guts as the MW54 turbojet, but with a geared prop drive. 117 Pgs
11.5 MB